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SuperSync is an exciting cross-platform application that helps keep your music library in sync across multiple computers.

Press Releases

1/24/12 - SuperSync 4.5 - Merge, Access, Repair, Backup, and Explore iTunes Libraries

1/20/11 - Special Pricing for SuperSync - Improved iTunes Sync across Mac and PC - Release Info

1/20/11 - SuperSync 4.0 - Sync iTunes Across Devices and User Libraries with SuperSync 4.0 for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and iPod

4/6/10 - SuperSync 3.6 - Access Musc and Video from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod

3/3/10 - SuperSync 3.5 released

9/16/09 - SuperSync 3.3 released - Music Synchronization Software

4/28/09 - SuperSync 3.1 Music Library Synchronization Software Adds Web Access

1/6/09 - SuperSync 3.03 released - Special MacWorld Discounts Available

12/12/08 - SuperSync 3.0 iTunes Music Library Synchronization Software Released

5/30/08 - SuperSync 2.4 Music Library Synchronization Software Released

4/22/08 - SuperSync 2.3 released today with new Tivo MP3 server

1/29/08 - SuperSync Releases SuperSync 2.2 for "Music Libraries in Perfect Harmony"

1/14/08 - SuperSync Releases SuperSync 2.1 for "Music Libraries in Perfect Harmony"

11/27/07- SuperSync Releases SuperSync 2.0 for Music Library Synchronization

8/30/07- Music Library Synchronization 'SuperSync' Turns One Year Old

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