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Tivo Media Server

SuperSync includes a Tivo Media Server option.

If you do not have a Tivo, you can ignore this feature and leave the server off.

The Tivo Media Server lets you access your MP3 files that are listed in your local SuperSync library and listen to them from a network-enabled Tivo.


Series 2 or Series 3 Tivo; LAN network connection.


To enable the server, check the "Enable Tivo Media Server."

Networking Tip: The Tivo Server uses Bonjour (also known as Rendezvous) to publish the location of the server on port 7288. WAN access is not recommended or supported.

To access your music library from Tivo, go to the Main menu by clicking the Tivo button. Scroll down and select Music, Photos, Products & More. Scroll down the list and access the name of your server, which should have the SuperSync logo by it.

From there, you should be able to browse your playlists, artists, albums, and tracks.

Note: Only MP3 and MPG are supported by Tivo.

Screen Saver Options allow you to set how the screen saver looks and how soon it shows. Generally you should keep it enabled and set to turn on within 30 or so seconds to prevent screen burn in. You can change the background color of the screen saver using the color picker. You can set the number of sprites (bouncing SuperSync logos) to display from 0 to 15.

If you experience problems with the Tivo Media Server, try reducing the number of sprites that are used in the screen saver.


Accessing your MP3's from Tivo

  1. Go to the Tivo Main menu by clicking the Tivo button
  2. Select Music, Photos, Products & More.
  3. Select SuperSync from the list (with the SuperSync icon)
  4. From there, you should be able to browse your playlists, artists, albums, and tracks.

Note: Only MP3s music files are supported by Tivo. Support for other media types is not yet supported.

The Tivo Main Menu

Playlists: Shows a list of your current iTunes playlists

Artists: Shows your artists, as well as a find artists menu option.

Albums: Shows your albums, as well as a find albums menu option.

Genres: Shows a list of genres

Find Tracks: Search for tracks by name.

Now Playing: Return to the now playing screen, which shows information about the current track

Screen Saver: Shows the SuperSync screen saver, which also is used after 10 seconds of the Now Playing screen.

About... : Shows the credits for SuperSync media application

Tivo Remote Commands

Channel Up: Next Song

Channel Down: Restart Song

Slow: Slow playing of track

Forward: Fast-forward playing the song (muted)

Reverse: Reduce speed, or skip backwards in song

Left: Go back a menu (or exit the application from the Main menu)

Right: Selects the current menu item

Select: Selects the current menu item

Pause: Pauses playing

Play: Resumes playing a paused track


If you do not see the SuperSync server in the list of online servers, make sure that the Tivo server access is enabled. Turn on the extended Tivo logging from the File->Show Log Window menu. If you see an error message, feel free to pass it along to our support team.

Note: The demo version of SuperSync displays a demo banner after playing every song. Please upgrade to the full version for unlimited access to your music.

The Restore Defaults button reverts back to the default setting of each preference.
The Apply button immediately saves any changes that may have been made in this tab.

The Cancel button cancels any changes made in this tab and closes this window.
The OK button saves any changes made in this tab and closes this window.

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